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Team Awesome Wedding Pros

For YOUR Awesome Wedding Ceremony!

Facebook Special Offer! $95 for Advertising - Package 2 

You've landed here because you have decided to take advantage of our special offer to advertise on our fabulous website.

Give your business a boost with this awesome way to introduce yourself and what you have to offer. We know that other places charge this much month every month - you pay just $95 and will not have to renew until January 2021!


-a biz card listing in the Vendor Directory with hotlink 

An individual page with

- your Company Logo

- contact information

- link to your website

- a 300 word bio ( you send it along to us)

- 3 photos (jpeg or png) 

We'll send you the Team Awesome Professional button pictured above to include on your website.

All for just $95, and we pay the tax!

This offer expires August 31/19.


Your investment of $95 can be sent by e-transfer to [email protected] We will confirm your payment and send a list of the items we'll need to create your page on the website. Pages will be uploaded within 7 days of receiving your information and pictures.

Pay conveniently with PayPal

You can make a secure credit card payment through Paypal.


- a small processing fee applies.

TA FB Special