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Anthony Edward Stark

Chaplain Anthony Edward Stark offers marriage services for civil unions, single religions, interfaith, non-religious and vow renewal ceremonies as well as rehearsals. He welcomes ceremonies of a variety of religions. 

Chaplain Anthony Edward Stark will provide advice and suggestions that will highlight the couple’s personalities along the journey too! The soon-to-be married have the option of customizing the length of the service they receive, to ensure their needs are met.

"At Stark Weddings, I am flexible, adaptable and committed to not just meeting the needs of the bride and groom-to-be but going beyond them as well. 

I believe that whether the bride and groom choose their own vows, or they include special ceremonies on the day-of. From the very beginning planning stages of your special day to the beautiful unforgettable ceremony, I will be there guiding and supporting both of you. 

I can simplify, clarify, and walk you both through your special day, removing the stresses of planning, but not the creative control of your dream vision wedding."